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Photo Credit: Amanda Afton

  • How long have you been a celebrant?
    I have been a registered Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant since January 2020 and have loved every second of it! I have hitched almost 300 happy humans, so hopefully this gives you a bit of confidence that I know what I am doing and am just as invested in your big day as you are.
  • What can we expect from you?
    If you haven’t already, head over and read a little more about me! Simply put, I am all about connection and making sure that we are the right fit for your big day. I am so acutely aware of the huge role I play in your day, and I want you to feel 110% confident in me (and genuinely enjoy hanging out!). So we’ll do a “vibe check” at our first, obligation free meeting. I am incredibly organised and passionate about what I do. But I’m also not the type of celebrant you “book and forget about”. I want to know ALL ABOUT YOU! I have an exceptional attention to detail, a respected reputation in the wedding industry and the ability to coordinate seamless, natural, get-you-right-in-the-feels celebrations. So, I need you to bring the goods too!
  • What 'type' of ceremonies do you perform?
    Really natural, light hearted, conversational, inclusive and vibrant celebrations are my style (and what I’m best at). However, my approach will always change and be influenced on what you are looking for – because it is about YOU!
  • How long does one of your ceremonies go for?
    The sweet spot is around 20-25 minutes. I am awesome at fitting everything you want into this timeframe so it is punchy, full of the good stuff and your guests don’t zone out. Everything we include in a ceremony should have meaning and purpose.
  • Will you marry us in any location?
    Yes, pretty much! However, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule. As my services are of an incredibly high standard, there are some venues and locations that I cannot deliver the type of ceremonies that I am known for. One of these locations are beach ceremonies (…sorry!).
  • How many times will we meet?
    After we’ve had an obligation-free virtual meeting, I leave it to the two of you to discuss whether I am the right fit for your day. Although that said, most couples do book me at the first meeting as they already know a bit about me, have stalked me on social media or seen my Google reviews. If you decide that I am your girl, we will have two more meetings*. One will be a face-to-face planning meeting where we will lodge the first piece of legal documentation (the Notice of Intended Marriage) and collaborate on the specifics of your ceremony and celebrations. The second will be a virtual rehearsal within 10 days of your wedding date (but if you’d like to move this to on-site, I can provide you with that option too!). In addition, I'll be in touch throughout the process so you’ll never feel like I am M.I.A - from woe to go, I’m always available for you. *This excludes the legals only service, where we will just have one virtual meeting!
  • Do you do rehearsals?
    Online? Yes! Face-to-face? Not routinely. I offer virtual rehearsals, which work a treat! And you can invite family and friends along to if you wish. However I truly believe that weddings should not be a coordinated stage show. You should have a general idea of the steps, but let it unfold naturally. It is my job to make you feel supported, comfortable and create a space that you can enjoy on the day, and I can confidently do this online. But I know how important your day is, so If you’d like to do this in person, I can make this happen with a small additional fee.
  • How do you write the ceremony?
    Once we book your date you’ll gain access to the “Love Gang Login” section of my website. This section includes a comprehensive information and inspiration page, which breaks down everything you need to know (including ideas for vows, ceremony structure and other unique touches you might like to include). Here, you’ll find a questionnaire that you and your partner will both have to answer separately, in secret, and send back to me. I use your responses, the conflicting stories and juicy pieces of gold, to write your ceremony. In saying that, I also pick up on your personality traits when we meet online and in-person. We end up “falling in love with each other” throughout the lead-up. So you never know when I will take note of something funny you said that I can use as content - watch out!
  • What is required for a legal marriage in Australia?
    Quite a bit, but leave that all to me. I am a registered Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant with the Australian Attorney Generals Department and able solemnise marriages according to law. If you are intending to legally get hitched in Australia, there are some requirements that must be completed and I will support you throughout this process. It commences with the Notice of Intended Marriage. This must be completed and provided to me at least one month prior to your ceremony (and no more than 18 months before the ceremony). I usually do this face-to-face, but if you are not located in Perth there are options to do this remotely and I will explain how you can do this on an individual basis. You’ll need two forms of identification each; a primary form showing your birth date and place of birth (usually a birth certificate or passport) and secondary form (usually a proof of age card or driver's license). Dependant on your personal circumstances, I may also request additional supporting documentation. If either party has been married previously I will be required to sight the divorce paper or death certificate. Before the ceremony you will also need to sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage to declare that there is no legal reason why you should not be married. During your ceremony The Monitum must be read by me, and you must sign your Official Certificate of Marriage and Form 15 (Commemorative Certificate) in the presence of two witnesses over the age of 18. After the Ceremony I will lodge all legal paperwork to the Registering Authority.
  • Do you provide a PA system?
    Yes! With multiple speakers and it is AWESOME! Please don’t underestimate how much crappy technology can ruin your experience. My microphone and PA system is completely wireless, and I have a comprehensive backup system should technology not cooperate on the day.
  • Do you coordinate ceremony music?
    Unfortunately, no – I only have two hands! But you can absolutely play your pre-recorded music choices through my PA system. You simply download your ceremony music onto a device with a jack input and/or Bluetooth capability, pick a trusted family member or friend, and have them introduce themselves to me on the day. I’ll give them a run down on how it all works on the day, but it is very simple.
  • What happens if you are sick?
    I am so lucky to be a part of a network of highly respected Celebrants in Western Australia that I will call upon to step in on my behalf. These people are seriously great humans who I would absolutely trust to do your day justice. I’ll do all of the work for you, so it causes the least amount of inconvenience possible.
  • What happens if we need to cancel or postpone?
    You may cancel or postpone your booking at any time, you'll just need to let me know in writing ASAP. For cancellations: - Where you wish to cancel prior to 6 months; your booking fee is forfeited. - Where you wish to cancel less than 6 months, and before 42 days; your booking fee and part payment fee is forfeited/due. - Where you wish to cancel less than 42 days, 100% of the total package price is forfeited/due. For postponements: - Where you wish to postpone prior to 6 months; your booking fee is forfeited. A new booking fee will be due. - Where you wish to cancel less than 6 months, and before 42 days; your booking fee and part payment fee is forfeited/due. A new booking fee will be due. - Where you wish to cancel less than 42 days, no postponements will be allowed. 100% of the total package price is forfeited/due. For postponements, the date must be mutually agreeable (and I will do my best to do so). It is also important to note that you are only able to postpone your booking once, and the postponement date must be within 12 months of the original booking date. For more detail, please get in touch and I can provide you with my full service agreement.
  • What is your fee structure?
    Once you decide that I am your girl, the following fee schedule will apply: - A booking fee due within 7 days. - A part payment 6 months prior to your event. - The remainder of the total amount (final payment) due 42 days before the event. Exact payment figures and dates will be shown on your quote/invoice. If you’d like to setup a payment plan outside of this structure, it is not a problem at all! Please do not hesitate to ask and I will set up something for you.
  • Are there any other hidden or additional fees?
    Depending on your circumstances, you may need to include space in your budget for things like; an on-site rehearsal, travel expenses, accommodation, public holiday surcharges, music coordination, additional technology rental or supporting documentation fees. If you think this might apply to you, let me know and I can include it in your quote. And if I think you’ll need one of these additional services, I will let you know right away!
  • How do we read over your full terms and conditions?
    You'll need to get in touch and see if I'm available on your date first! I'll then send you through a quote, where you'll also find my full terms and conditions.
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